The designer

Born in France in 1991, Claire Hirsch comes from a family with German, Dutch and Italian origins, united by their taste for the Arts.

Claire grew up surrounded by architects, painters and pianists and developed a taste for right proportions, materials and colors at a very young age.

A secret and discreet personality, Claire is strongly marked by the figure of her adored mother, whose sophisticated and sensual allure nourishes her imagination.

From an early age, Claire reinterprets and diverts feminine pieces from her mother's wardrobe to create others that are tailored to her.

Her long training as a ballet dancer defines her aesthetic and her fascination for the evanescent silhouette of the ballerina, whose body merges with the movement.

ZHIGGIE, a subtle sensuality

Claire created ZHIGGIE in Paris in 2021 and offered a singular vision of femininity, fruit of her universe and reminiscences of the past.

She proposes a summer wardrobe conceived as an obsessive variation on the fantastical allure of a dancer.

The brand stands out for its elegant and delicate silhouettes full of poetry.

The cuts precision and purity are sublimated by fabrics nobility, and jostled by regressive colors, discreet childhood evocation. This search for dissonance gives rise to a subtle and controlled sensuality.

A human and responsible luxury

It's in the intimacy of her Parisian cocoon that Claire surrounds herself with recognized artisans with whom she forges strong ties.

With this proximity, she takes a rigorous approach to creation, involving herself in every stage of the design process.

The entire process, from the first sketch to the final garment, takes place exclusively in Paris, for a luxury that is both human and responsible.